Jawbone UP Small - Blå


Jawbone UP Small - Blå

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Din personliga hälsocoach, alltid med dig. Visar hur din dag sett ut. Räknar steg, sömn och mycket mer.
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Band + app + you = The UP system
UP™ is a system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. The wristband tracks your movement and sleep in the background. The app displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood, and delivers insights that keep you moving forward.

You, at a glance
Know what's happening with you, instantly: Your sleep, your activity, what you're eating. The Home Screen is your daily dashboard. A way to quickly check in with your progress and see what your friends are up to.

A deeper look at sleep
The sleep mode in UP tracks small movements while you're asleep. You can see hours slept, time to fall asleep, light vs. deep sleep and waking moments. Over time you'll start to discover patterns in your sleep that can affect how you feel. UP even lets you set a Smart Alarm™—waking you up silently at the time that leaves you feeling most refreshed.

Know how active you are
The precision motion detection system in UP tracks every move—capturing a complete record of your day's activity. So you don't have to guess. A Stopwatch Mode lets you mark specific active periods so you can see how everything from going for a run to walking the dog contributes to reaching your goals.

Track your food & drink
Take a photo of your food, scan a barcode, browse the image gallery in UP or search the ingredient database to record what you eat and drink. Whether you choose to go deep with detailed nutritional information or simply keep a visual record of your meals, UP makes it fun and easy to keep track of your choices.

Gain insight into yourself
UP not only visualizes your information so you can understand the meaning behind the numbers, it also discovers hidden connections in the way you live to deliver powerful insights. Over time, insights lead to new behaviors and new behaviors become new, healthier habits.

Designed for everyday life
UP was designed to fit seamlessly in people's lives. Real life. It's a thoughtful combination of engineering and design, custom-made for how we live.

UP is both flexible and strong. Sometimes UP needs to slide smoothly under sleeves or bend to accommodate an active lifestyle. Other times it has to be strong enough to stand up to a snowball fight without a problem (or more likely, a few thousand showers). Day and night, UP is right there with you.

Sleep and nap Tracking: Intelligently tracks hours slept, light vs. deep sleep and waking moments.
24/7 activity tracking: Track every move, including distance, calories burned, active time, and activity intensity.
Food & drink tracking: UP makes it fun and easy to keep track of what you eat.
Mood tracking: Log your moods and discover connections that affect how you feel.
Insight engine: Discover hidden connections and patterns in your day-to-day activities.
Idle alert: Reminds you to move when you've been inactive for too long.
Smart alarm: Wake up feeling refreshed—at the right moment in your sleep cycle.
10-day battery: Track every last step (and nap) without running out of juice.
Water resistant design: Able to withstand thousands of showers, and the occasional snowball fight.
Day and night form factor: Designed for comfort. Because the more you wear it, the more you'll track.
Power nap: UP will wake you up at the optimal time (around 26.5 minutes) after you fall asleep.
Simple sync: Simple and easy connectivity. Just plug it in.

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52 x 35 mm (innre)
66 x 50 mm (yttre)
Längd: 141 mm (innre), 198 mm (yttre)
Vikt: 19 g
• Precision motion sensor
• Single push-button interface
• Vibrating motor for notifications
• Dual LEDs
3,5 mm
• Lithium-ion polymer battery
• Up to 10 days of use between charges
• USB charging cable—fully charges in 80 minutes
Designat för
Kombatibla enheter: iOS 5.1 eller senare
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) eller senare
I kartongen
• UP Band
• Quick start guide
• USB charging cable

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